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    Damaged charger affects my laptop?
    i have a 2009 macbook and my dog chewd the cord of my charger, it left some of it exposed but no biggie, still worked, sometimes i had to wiggle it around for it to work, 1 year later and after a failed hard drive partition, my macbook is DEAD slow, i took it to a friend of my mom and he said the chewed cable damaged the entire laptop and i had to buy a new one, i think its just a hard drive problem, can a damaged charger destroy my laptop? ty in advanded

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    Unlikely, this is most likely a failing HD.
    You need to run disk utility from your install disc, cheack and verify permissions, and check and repair the HD (if it needs repair). Reboot and see how things are.
    A note from experience. Replace the charger. It could catch fire, mine did.
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