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    Replacing Hard Drive
    I have a 500 GB drive that I am replacing with a 750 GB.

    I have a Mac OS X install disc but when I boot with the new drive installed it will not boof off of the dvd and does not recognize the new drive.

    any suggestions?


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    Make sure when you boot up that you're holding down C so it will boot from DVD. The reason it can't recognize the drive is there is nothing on it and it has not been formatted. Once you boot into the OSX install disk you'll want to go to the utilities menu and open disk utility where you can format the drive as Mac OS Extended Journaled and then you can install onto the new HD.

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    Dec 06, 2011
    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I inserted the disc and pressed the C (option) key and selected the disc. Photo1. [IMG]fphoto1a.jpg[/IMG]

    I then recieved the data dump. Photo 2. [IMG]fphoto3.jpg[/IMG]
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