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Thread: DVDs burned on Macbook Pro play on DVD player but not my mac

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    DVDs burned on Macbook Pro play on DVD player but not my mac
    Hi there,
    I recently got a new Macbook Pro to replace a damaged one. The first time I put in a DVD it asked me which region I wanted to set the drive to, I set it to 2 for Europe. I tried to burn a disc image to DVD, one that I had burned many times before successfully on my old machine (it's exactly the same as it was retrieved from timemachine) and when I open the burned disc in DVD player on my Macbook Pro it says not permitted. It also won't play in VLC or on VLC on my PC. Strangely enough, it plays fine in my regular DVD player that's hooked up to the TV.
    It's also worth mentioning other discs play fine (films I have bought etc).
    So I have no idea what's happening. Does it sound like a problem with the drive? I also don't know how to access the original disc region pop up to make sure it was definitely set to region 2, though I assume it is as it plays on the TV.
    Can anyone offer any suggestions? Any help greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks!

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    I'm not really sure but it sounds like a Region setting problem. Some external DVD players do not have region settings and can play a DVD from any region. I can routinely play commercial DVDs from Asia on my external DVD player hooked to our TV but they won't play on either of my Macs or PCs.

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    Thanks for the response. Nothing seemed to work and I didn't see how it could be a region issue, but I burned a new disc image and started from scratch and that seemed to work. Doesn't make much sense but nevermind! Thanks.

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