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    Brand New MBP 45 min hang on reboot
    Hi all

    Yesterday I bought a MBP 15 inch. I set everything up including my internet connection and then connnected my iphone and started updating the software.
    Afterwards when I rebooted the machine just hung for about 30 mins. I took it to the istore immediately (15 mins to get there and the mbp was still hanging - gray screen with little time circle icon going round and round and round) The guy at the store pressed the power button to force it to reboot. Then he rebooted again and it worked fine. I tried repbooting again and it worked fine again.

    I don't know how serious a sign this is about my new expensive macbook. I don't want technical issues in a few weeks and have to send the thing in for technical fixing on warranty. I'd rather just get a replacement now. Do I ask for a new one to replace this one while I am within the 7 days before the exchange period expires? Or is this a very minor thing and I shouldn't worry?


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    Unless it repeats the problem I probably would not worry about it and since you have taken it in for a problem I would think it has been documented.

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