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    Exclamation Need Help with HDMI cord!!
    So a few weeks ago i got an hdmi cord and connected it to my lcd tv and to my mac. Its been working absolutely fine up until today i woke up and come to reconnect the cord to my mac and the screen on my mac turned blue (like it usally does when syncing monitors) but my tv screen kept saying "no signal" I dont see any reason for this to be happening i have the input set on hdmi the screens are on mirror. And its not like ive had it long enough for it to break :/ the cord is in perfect condition not a scratch or anything on it. If anyone knows a solution to my problem please help!!

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    I'm having this exact problem. It's been happening to me for a couple months, and I always got frustrated and gave up.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    I've noticed that my HDMI out does not work sending to my TV when using the integrated graphics on my '11 mbp.
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