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    Macbook pro Start-up problem after fedora15....HELP
    Hi there I'm having problem with my Macbook Pro 5.5 Snow Leopard 10.6.8 (Mid 2009) after I've tried to install Fedora15 on Boot Camp drive. During Installation the process was so slow that it takes almost 6 Hours and still running until I decided to Shut down the system. But when I turn it On, all it did was give a long BEEP, Black screen and rapid turn ON/OFF of indicator light on the front. Observing the system for a week now I found out that, it ONLY turn on NORMALLY after the 5th restart without any problem other than the said 5 turn on and off. What causing it? Can somebody help me on this weird problem? I would really appreciate any help............

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    Another failed Linux install attempt......

    Reset the PRAM and then reboot. Let us know if that works. You may wind up reinstalling OS X.

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    Thanks for the prompt reply Chscag but I forgot to mention here that, after this I google the problem and got that advice before. I did everything but end up with same problem any more idea.

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