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    transfering laptop to laptop
    I have an old black macbook running 10.5

    I have a newer macbook pro running snowleopard

    I want to transfer all the data and applications on the Macbook pro to the Macbook so I can use that for now.

    Then I will eventually transfer to a newer imac in about 6 months time.

    What is the best way to do this?

    I tried the migration assistant and it made a new user - I really just want to use the stuff on the newer computer no on the old computer for 6 months while I'm awayand then put it on the new imac later.

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    A lot depends on what you want to transfer......
    In terms of moving basic data (documents, photos and do on), I'd recommend having a look at DropBox but a USB stick might equally suit your purposes. Applications may not be so easy. For simple applications that just consist of a single executable file, you may get away with simply transferring them (using either a USB stick or DropBox. More complex applications will probably require a fresh install onto your MacBook.

    Now, if I'm reading the above correctly, you want to transfer data from the newer MacBook Pro to the older MacBook? The Snow Leapord upgrade introduced changes to structure of the files that store your emails so using them with a previous version of OSX might not be possible.

    Edit: Oops - the OP and my reply are OT. Sorry, I thought I was in the OSX forum.

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    Just connect the computers with a firewire and start one with the T key held down. The other computer will now show a new hard disc which is the disk on the other computer. Then copy files as needed.

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    If they are both connected to your home LAN, IE share an internet connection via a router, all you have to do is setup Sharing on the Mac you want to copy from then logon to that Mac from the other and copy away.
    No need for an extra cable, that you may only use once, USB sticks or external hard drive.
    Really quite simple.

    I must add that I'm fairly new to Mac but I see this same type of post over and over.
    So it make me wonder if the Mac people just don't know how to network their multiple computer together. Instead of running around with external drives and or USB sticks or moving one computer close enough to the other to use a firewire cable.
    In the Windows world the first thing you do is setup networking so you can copy files back and forth between computers.

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