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    Macbook pro - 512gb SS Hard drive worth it? for speed
    Hi guys.

    I want to get a new mac book pro... my current white mac book just can't handle my work load

    I want to get a top spec 13" model... 2.8ghz.

    My question, is the 512gb solid state hard drive worth it?

    My main goal is a fast as possible laptop... but battery life is also important... I read somewhere that these can drain the battery more when not in use?

    How much faster are they than a regular hard drive?

    I'm in China and can buy this in hong kong for 700EURO less than my own country, Ireland... mad!

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    As far as I know it doesn't drain battery life faster then a HDD, and its about 2.5 times faster I would say.
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    great thanks man... gonna have to get it... beach ball getting me down

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