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Thread: Video card/cable shot??

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    Video card/cable shot??
    My screen is all messed up! It looks like my lap top has a short circuit, I dropped it, or spilled water on it or something; except I did none of that!
    A friend told me to press under the apple icon on the back of the laptop itself and when I do the screen goes back to normal but when I let go it goes back to looking crazy. He told me it must be my video cable. How do I deal with that without having to get a new computer all together?? The actual computer works fine!


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    Watching posts like this is even worse than watching a bad horror movie.

    It surely looks like a graphics card problem. You could check if the display cables are connected, but since you did not drop it or such, it is most likely a faulty graphics card/chip. You could troll the iFixit forums, but I recommend you to just take it to a apple store for repairs.

    Since you say the rest of the computer is just fine, it might not cost you a brand new laptop.

    Good luck "picks a tear"

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