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    Question MacBook Pro 15'' (2011) very slow, problems on shutdown
    Hi everybody!

    A while ago, I was given a lot of useful information that lead me to buying a MacBook Pro (15'', 2011, Lion) on this forum. Thanks again for that!

    Now, just a bit under 2 months after buying it, it's starting to behave in a weird way.

    Everything seems to be very slow lately (it needs about 2-3 seconds to display a small jpg image in the preview, for example). Other programs are starting quite slowly, too. Once a program has started/is running, everything seems to be fine (or at least I never noticed any slow moments).

    This behavior makes me think that my MBP might have a problem with the HDD (500 GB, 7200 rpm). Unfortunately, I am not able to run Apple Hardware Test. I tried holding down the D and the C key on booting (not at the same time, of course), but that did not do the trick. I even started from the recovery partition, but could not find it on there, either.

    So here's question number one: how do I check my harddisk for errors? Any hints on how to run AHT on Lion?

    I am not sure about this one, but atMonitor tells me that my CPU is running at ~52 (Celsius, approx. 126 Fahrenheit) - is that normal? The GPU runs at ~56 Celsius (uptime slightly under 2 hours).

    Alright, on to question number two: lately, I sometimes get an error when I shut my system down. It then tells me that I have to hold down the power button until it switches off and then restart it. This did not happen before, I think it started about 10 or 14 days ago. What is that? Any ideas how to fix it?

    I am willing to reset the machine to factory defaults (although I'm quite worried about my bootcamp partition - how hard is it to bring everything back to a working state?) if I have to - but if I can somehow fix it without resetting it, I'd be glad.

    Any help is appreciated

    Greets and thank you in advance - steps

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    Since this computer is only about 2 months old...have you tried checking with Apple about it (phone or nearby Apple Store)?

    If it actually is a hardware issue...Apple is the one you're going to have to eventually deal with anyway.

    - Nick
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    And would not be worried about the heat. In a Mac Pro with much better circulation, CPU's run at 38 and 39 with the ambient temperature this morning at 23.
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    Hi harryb2448,

    that occurred to me of course, but as I'm working a lot lately, I want to use this as something like a last resort (store closes very early and is not on my way to/from work).

    Any other ideas?

    Greets and thx - steps

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    Way... way too many specs to list.

    Intel-based Macs: Using Apple Hardware Test

    That SHOULD work, assuming your computer CAME with Lion installed on it. If it did not, you need to use the DVD's that came with it (although there is a hack to restore it.. on SOME Macs).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dysfunction View Post

    Intel-based Macs: Using Apple Hardware Test

    That SHOULD work, assuming your computer CAME with Lion installed on it. If it did not, you need to use the DVD's that came with it (although there is a hack to restore it.. on SOME Macs).
    I tried that today. I disconnected everything from the MBP and started it while holding down D. The result was a VERY slow, but otherwise regular boot. No AHT. My MBP was shipped with Lion, so there is no DVD or anything.

    Any suggestions what went wrong or how to fix this?

    Greets and thx again - steps

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