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    External HDD problem
    Ok I have an external hard drive that I am trying to use but am having some problems. I plug the HDD drive in, hook it up to my MacBook Pro via USB and it doesn't show up in Finder. So I go to Disk Util and it shows it there, I then try to format it and it hangs as it is unable to unmount it. I tried using Disk Warrior but it hangs if the external HDD is plugged in, if I unplug the external Disk Warrior starts up fine. So then I tried turning to gparted in Ubuntu to format and partition the drive. Gparted hangs just like Disk Warrior did. The HD that I am using is the stock HDD out of an iMac, it is a 500GB Seagate Baracuda. It should already be formatted HFS+ since it was pulled from a mac. I am trying to use it on a MacBook Pro 2.4GHz Core two Duo with 8GB RAM and running OSX Lion 10.7 Any suggestions?

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    Bump, 235 views and no ideas?

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    Any suggestions?
    Yes. Replace the hard drive as it obviously has problems after Disk Warrior and GParted can't access it.

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