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Thread: Macbook Pro 17" Power Button not working!! (Computer/Battery is good) HELP!!

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    Macbook Pro 17" Power Button not working!! (Computer/Battery is good) HELP!!
    Hello, is there a way to turn my Macbook Pro "17 (2009) on without hitting the power button? I noticed that my keys and power button weren't working a week ago after spillage and drying it out. The lap top however turned on a week ago. I have been using it ever since without turning it off (using sleep mode), knowing that if I turned it off I wouldn't have a way to get it back on. Well, last night I accidently clicked to turn Shut Down from the menu and I can't turn it on.

    I know that it is still working and in good condition, because I have been using it everyday, and all day for the past week since getting it dry and on in the first place.

    I would take it in for service, but I don't have warranty on it anymore, so I need to save up money for that. I really need to somehow get it turned on before my upcoming tests this coming week!!

    I'll keep everyone posted, in case of this problem happening to anyone else in the future.

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    Macbook Pro 17" Power Button not working!! (Computer/Battery is good) HELP!!
    Deleted Double post

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    Threads merged. Not necessary to double post. Thanks
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    Thanks, I didn't know which topic best suited my question, and was confused on which one to post in. Thanks for merging them to the right place.

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    I've had the same problem with my mbp as well. About half my keys don't work along with the power button. The last two times it was powered down I got the power back on by pushing the power button repeatedly for about 3 hours straight. This time I've put in about 5 hours and no luck.

    Just wondering if you have resolved your problem and how???

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