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    Transfer Music from Powerbook 2 Powerbook?
    I've got a lot of music on my Powerbook which I transfer to my IPod, but I'll be exchanging my current powerbook for the new version so I wanted to know will I be able to retrieve the music from my Ipod to transfer to my new powerbook as I wont have both Powerbooks at the same time. Also will this affect the album art and the tags I have saved on my ipod link to the music tracks, as it took me ages to find all the album art especially for some of the rare tunes.

    PS. I know you can store files other than music and pics on the Ipod phot but can you store .dmg files and .mov, .avi etc as well with no problem. Ive set up the Ipod as a portable disk.

    -Sorry for the Ipod Qs just killing two birds...u know the rest.
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    I use podutil but i know there is another app out there but i cant think of it.

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    Yes you can, I used one in my old job to do just that. (thats for the 2nd Q)


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    Not sure about .dmg files but I know you should not have a problem with anything else. Also you can use Senuti to transfer all of your music from your iPod TO your new PowerBook.

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    you could use your old powerbook in boot mode on your new powerbook and transfer everything you want over. if you are getting your new powerbook at the apple store just ask them to do this. it took less than an hour to move about 50gigs from my old powerbook to my new one by firewire 800.

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