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    Laptop running very hot while gaming
    Hey guys,

    Well my macbook pro is generally pretty hot most of the time, but i've been playing skyrim A LOT lately and of course it runs very loud and VERY VERY hot.

    I dont have a laptop cooler so i've been using a small clip on fan on the side of my desk. It cools the keyboard area well and keeps my fingers from burning up haha. But im more worried about the inside.

    How safe do you think this is for the laptop? I play for hours (4 - 7 at a time) and it always seems ok and cools down quickly after but im still worried that im slowly messing something up.

    Im in the process of getting a laptop cooler as well as some canned air to clean out the fan area now, but would you think it's still safe to have it running this hot often?

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    One thing that will help is a notebook stand. You can get one with a cooler or no cooler. I personally think that some notebook coolers are not all that effective so buy a good one. One that's quiet.

    As far as the heat doing damage.... over time heat is the greatest factor in destroying electronic components. Maybe you need to take more breaks in your playing sessions.

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