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Thread: MBP Anti-Glare online retailers, deals...

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    MBP Anti-Glare online retailers, deals...
    I'm looking to upgrade my older 15" MBP SR 2.2 GHz laptop to a new '11 model (MBP 2.2GHz, 500GB, 4GB RAM, Anti-Glare MD318LL/A). Currently I've only seen them for sale through a couple of online retailers (ANTI-GLARE version). Are there any other online retailers selling the anti-glare version of the MBP?

    Apple: $ 2073/1965 (current/black friday deal, includes TAX)
    MacMall: $ 1905 (current, no TAX)
    B&H: $ 1949 (current, no TAX)

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    Because the matte screen is a special order for most of the retailers, they're just not many going to carry it. MacMall is more than likely to going to have the best price you'll find - or so close as to not really be worth the hours of looking you could spend.

    Never bought anything from them myself, but reports are they're a good reseller.
    And nothing wrong with B&H, but I'd go with MacMall even if it was a few bucks more, just because they specialize in Macs if you end up with any questions.
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