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    Macbook battery and electricity
    I am a US medical student (with very very little technical knowledge of computers and electricity) currently living in another country. The energy cycles are different here ( something like 50 or 60 mhz) and most of the plug ins are 220V however there are 110V which I use for my computer. I am wonder what effect this has on my battery and computer. The energy here (3rd world country) is not consistent at all and there are often spikes, surges, and power outages. The macbook (2 years old) I brought with me is shot. It got hit with a surge (connected with a surge protector) and fried. I am wondering what I should buy for a surge protector. Do I need a special surge protector that will provide power conditioning? Would it benefit me to have a UPS with power conditioning and surge protection? I just bought a new macbook pro and Ipad and I want to keep the batteries as good as I can for as long as I can as well as protect them from surges. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    A good UPS with line conditioning is best because it not only will isolate your MBP from the line directly but also provide phase smoothing. Probably will be expensive though. All Apple machines are built for 110V to 240V, 50 or 60 Hz but not for line spikes and surges.

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