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    Fan issues, looking for educated opinions.
    So starting about a month ago the right fan in my 2007 santa rosa mbp started making a little noise...ok no big deal I ordered a replacement off eBay and can install it when it gets here. Now starting several days ago my left fan has stopped running completely.

    My question: is it just a coincidence that my left fan would burn out/malfunction at around the same time my right fan started crapping out or is it possible/likely that there is a deeper issue lying within the motherboard? the right fan is still running (albeit a little noisy).

    I don't have the discs that came with my computer right now so I'm not able to run a hardware test I'm more just looking for opinions. Do yall think that 2 new fans should resolve my issues?

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    I would venture a guess that since both fans were installed at the same time, and more than likely had close to identical operational conditions, that it's very likely that failure will be close to each other.

    Two fans are certainly cheaper than a logic board.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dysfunction View Post
    Two fans are certainly cheaper than a logic board.
    hence my concern. however, i just woke up and took a look and it looks like the left fan is back on again so it's clearly cutting in and out. i'm almost certain now that a replacement will fix it.

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    If one fan has been playing up it's possible the remaing one has had to work harder?


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    fans dont need to be replaced, rather re-lubed. Go to your auto parts store and get some high temp brake lube. Take apart your fan and relube the shaft, re assemble the fan and reinstall.

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