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    Macbook Air with Danish keyboard

    I am currently an exchange student in Michigan, from Denmark in Europe. I am really interested in buying a Macbook Air 13" while I am here. (I leave in June 2012.) BUT, in Denmark we have a different keyboard + we have 3 extra letters - , , and . I have heard that you can contact the Apple store and ask if they can import a MBA with a Danish keyboard - is that true?

    And WHERE can I find an e-mail for the Apple store? I am still struggling with my English and I'm having a hard time talking on the phone with strangers, so it would be great if I could contact them via e-mail.

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    I am unsure on email but here is the online apple store number:
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    I can't give you the direct link now but if you go on the apple website and search for "live chat" or "live support" you should get a link to apple's live chat page where you can talk to someone from apple live via an instant message, so you don't have to wait hours for responses and you can get your info quickly.

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    Thank you so much. I couldn't find the live chat though. Where on the website can I find it?

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