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    . Hey everyone! So I have a scenerio for you guys.. Just yesterday my simi-new macbook pro (with the latest firmware) suddenly lost lighting. I can tell it still loads and everything, but it's barely noticible as their is no light on the display (and also the keyboard lighting system doesnt work either). Ive talked to apple and they it's hardware to bring it in for repairs (what causes this btw - my MBP is so new!). Heres the dilemma:

    Im in a third world country... Im a medical student in the commonwealth of dominica and it's going to be hard to survive with no laptop. So my question to you guys before I just fedex it back to the states is if this problem is easily repairable (IE the computer tech department here or one of the several computer repair shops in town could fix this easily?)

    If you guys want any more information on the problem ill gladly provide any details you need. Thanks

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    Do not allow anyone locally to attempt repairs as that will surely void your warranty. I would FedEx it back to Apple in the US and let them deal with it.

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