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    macbook pro battery problems
    hi i seem to have a problem with my macbook pro when i plug in my charger it says (not charging) but when i unplug the charger and the battery gets low (10%) if i plug the charger back in it still says (not charging) but the battery percentage goes back up to 60% and stays there until the charger is removed, i would be greatfull for any help

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    Sounds to me like it may need to be calibrated. Finder, help, Mac help and search calibrate battery.

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    Check the number of cycles on the battery. I think you may have a bad battery though.

    Click the apple in the top left of the screen. Click "About This Mac". Click "More Info". Then one the left side click "Power". In there you should see battery information. Just copy and past the whole thing and post it in your reply so i can get a better idea what is going on.

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