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Thread: Macbook damaged - do you think I can get it repaired?

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    Macbook damaged - do you think I can get it repaired?
    I know there is a thread on water damage above, but I have a macbook that got quite a lot of tea spilled on it about 6 months ago. It was out of warranty anyway but I would still like it fixing.

    I turned it off and put it upside down in a warm room. I can now turn it on (am actually using it at the moment) but my previous experience of this is that after so long it cuts out and won't let me turn it back on then for some time. However, whilst I am using it it works perfectly as though nothing had actually happened to it. There is also an issue with the battery - the batter per cent sign charges up (it used to be just a cross there). I can't get it to work without the plug being in the wall.

    Do you think this means there is some hope that I could get it repaired? Has anyone experienced anything like this.

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    with the battery issue, when mine 'went' it showed the same image and the Mac wouldn't work without being plugged in. i replaced the battery and it works great.

    as for the tea bit, it's a bit over my head, sorry.


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