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    Question Can't connect to Wifi
    So this has been happening for atleast 2 weeks now and im fed up with it and need assisstance. 2 weeks ago, my Macbook Pro couldn't connect to the WiFi at my work. I asked a co-worker if their PC laptop could, and all of their answers were yes. My MBP can connect to all other Wifi's just not this one. It says i have a ''self-assigned'' IP address, which i've never had on any other Wifi network. MY biggest issue is that there is no ethernet for me to connect to for an update or even to connect directly to the router, and the router is behind a wall that i cannot access. Is there anything anyone knows of that i could do to get this working?

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    Have you tried to remove it from the networks list then re-attach to it. Might of got itself in a mess trying to attach last time ?

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    You can also try the following ...
    In system preferences / network, add a new location called " office " ( or something similar ) and set the correct network parameters for the WiFi adapter.

    You can then switch between locations ( home and office ) as and when required.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers ... McBie
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