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    MacBook spilled water issues please help, thank you
    Around the middle of August I knocked over a half-filled bottle of water which then spilled onto my macbook. Here comes the part where all of the careful mb users (I use to be before this incident) will cringe. So after it happened, I was in a rush and did not power it off, I just shut the lid putting it into sleep mode. It was however unplugged. When I got back of course it didn't work and it hasn't worked since. Initially, I waited four to five days until I tried to turn it on again and plug it in but after that didn't work I realized that me not shutting it down is what killed it. I haven't been in much of a rush to get it fixed obviously because this happened in August but now it's getting to the point where I want to get it fixed. I hope that damage goes no further beyond the keyboard but that's what I was wondering. When I spilled it I would day just a tiny bit got on the screen where the rest was mostly spilled throughout the keyboard. It was unplugged but in sleep mode for around 5 hours before I returned home, opened it up and found that nothing was on the screen anymore, so I also hope that the circuits weren't damaged in any way. As far as trying to fix it myself, all I have done was remove the battery a few times when it first happened to make sure it was not wet. Also another foolish thing that I did was not flip it over right away. As I said I was in a rush and quickly shut it after this happened so all of the things you're supposed to do when you spill something on your laptop, like flip it over, remove the battery, and unplug it, I did when I got back home about 5 hours later. With that, who do you think I should take it to? Apple? And during their repairs, whether it be replacing the keyboard or something more, can they see my info on my computer? I can't imagine that they won't be able to see it because in order to fix it they have to turn it on, right? I have a password but I'm still not sure. I wrote a lot lol but I appreciate GREATLY all the help I can get, thanks.

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    Also I have tried plugging it in since then and the light always stays orange, never green

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    Not worth getting it fixed. IMHO it going to cost around $700 US dollars to fix. Might as well get a new computer for that price.

    The keyboard not functioning is the least of your problems. The water would have leaked onto the logic board itself.

    You pretty much have a very expensive paper weight now. All you can do now is sell if off for parts.

    Good luck.

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    I thought it may have may have ruined the logic board, I guess that's pretty much assumed since I didn't power it off, etc?

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