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    MBP 13 2009 logic board
    Hi all,

    I have a MBP i got from someone but he ripped the fan connecter off the logic borad it also took one of the solder pads with it so i can not re solder it back onto the borad

    so i am on the hunt for a new logic borad the current logic borad is a 2.26ghz but i see the later ones have the intel I5 CPU and are using the same model number as mine (think you can see where this is going) so does anyone know is the later logic borad will fit in my older MBP? :-)

    Thanks for lookings

    Jonathan Hemmings

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    You can probably buy a 13" 2009 that is working fine for just a little bit higher than buying a logic board with i5+ on it. 2010 MacBook Pros that are 13 inch did not run i5, so you'd have to buy the logic board of a 2011 MacBook Pro if you want i5, which will be too expensive. Their dimensions, I believe, are the same, so there's a very high chance that it will fit.

    You're much better off buying a logic board that is also Core 2 Duo rather than spending that much money on an i5 that might or might not fit.

    Just my two cents.

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