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Thread: I Hate/ I love Apple

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    I Hate/ I love Apple
    Just received my Powerbook G4 only a couple of weeks ago only to find out they're releasing a new one! (I hate it when that happens) But I had a word with Apple and they replacing my Powerbook with the new version. It will mean I'll be without a mac for at least two weeks but at least I won't be angry at Apple as I also bought a Photo Ipod at the same time but they won't replace it with a Video Ipod.
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    Unfortunately that's how it goes, you're lucky that Apple is one of the very few companies that would take it back.

    Just the nature of technology market, there will always be something better within a few months time.


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    it was only weeks when I bought my first imac and they started selling Tiger along with them,it can be frustrating. Apple is pretty cool about keeping customers satisfied.
    I started using PS from finding this forum and all the help I have gotten here thru the years is immeasurable
    thank you MacForums and all it's members

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