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    Ibook Display
    Hi, I visited a college today, and I was absolutly thrilled to see a 12" ibook and a 12" powerbook in their store... I still have a fairly new PC (a dell) that runs well, I just really would like an apple.

    Anyway, I was really enjoying myself while I toyed with each of the two computers, however I noticed that the powerbooks 12" display looked considerably sharper and brighter than the 12" ibook, and no I didn't mix the 12" ibook for the 14" ibook. I thought they used the same display.

    Also, the powerbook seemed to be running a bit warmer than the ibook. I am not sure if it had more apps open, which could have been why, or whether it just dissapates heat less effectivly than the ibook because of its smaller size.

    But if anyone else notices the difference in display brightness please let me know, because I would probably opt for an ibook if the display was as clear as the 12".


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    The Powerbook will run hotter because it has a faster CPU and GFX card. As far as the displays are concerned I haven't noticed a difference between the 12" on the Powerbook or iBook, its possible that the iBook display may have been dimmed (using the F1 key) and thus didn't look as bright but I've never noticed them being unclear or crisp. I would recommend going back to the store and comparing them side by side with a few different things (text, images etc.). You're the only person thats really going to be able to make this call.

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