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    upgrading RAM memory on macbook
    I have a black macbook purchased in early 2008 that came with leopard installed. I recently updated my iPhone 4 software and want to be able to use iCloud with my mac as well as my phone. In order to do so I needed lion, but in order to get lion I needed snow leopard for the app store.

    I purchased and uploaded the snow leopard software, and when going to purchase Lion, it told me I needed at least 2GB of memory. I asked at the mac store nearby and he told me to go to and have them suggest something for you. I did this and it gave me options of different sizes and what not.

    If I were to purchase one of these, I know I'll have to find someone to install it, is that a risky process? Should I back up everything to an external hard drive beforehand or will the RAM not affect the hard drive storage? The ram is about $50, is that worth it to upgrade to Lion or should I just not bother?

    I'm hoping someone is familiar with this topic and will be able to give me some advice on what to do.

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    RAM is very easy to install, you simply pop out the old RAM and Insert the new RAM. I believe you would have no problem doing it yourself. I know that for my 2010 MBP i just needed a small screwdriver and that was it.

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    i have searched the crucial website and dropped the link below. it may be worth checking that this is exactly your spec but as you say it is circa 2008, i have took the liberty of searching for you.

    Computer memory upgrades for Apple MacBook 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (13-inch White) MB062LL/B Laptop/Notebook from

    the point is, on the left is a little movie of how to do it. i have just done it some 3 weeks ago and it is very easy.

    Effectively remove the battery and unplug, remove the 4 screws from the metal strip that hold the plate in place, unclip the old memory and slot in the new, put back the screws etc...

    Below is another link form an earlier thread re the same thing relevant to your model

    hope this helps


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    I did a RAM install on a Vaio and it was fairly easy. As far as Lion vs Snow Leopard it depends on what features you are gonna use. If you feel as if you need Lion, go ahead. I haven't heard much about Lion being better from my friends who have it, but i'm in high school so they just use the window switching feature to play mine craft well doing home work lol I'm getting a white Macbook like yours and I'm probably gonna do the same upgrade...

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