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Thread: iBook G3 ram

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    iBook G3 ram
    my G4 PowerBook (G4550mhz titanium) dieded yesterday so i have borrowed my mums G3iBook. she has a crappie 128 meg or ram and was wondering if i can take the ram out of my power book and put it into her iBook (G3 600mhz Dual USB it was the last G3 before the G4 iBooks came out. the ram from the power book says PC133S 256meg is that ok for the iBook. i tried putting it but i felt need quite a bit of pressure to get it in so though i better ask be i pushed to hard!

    Also ordered a new 15 power book last night but it will take 8 long days to get here!

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    that should fit - i reckon


    p.s. the max it takes is another 512 stick on top of the built in 128mb (which you can't remove )

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    i just had to push a little bit hard to get it in but its all working fine now thanks man

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