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    What's wrong with my screen?
    2-3 year old 13" MBP unibody (2.26 GHz Core 2 Duo) with a screen issue. The right edge of the screen (straight line down, about 1/8th of the screen wide) gets full of static. The mouse etc cannot be seen when moved into this area. It happens more often after startup and lasts for a few min. and then the screen goes back to normal. Tapping the hinge, moving the screen doesn't help at all. Interestingly, when I take a screen snapshot, the screen image appears normal. I read about screen issues involving secure virtual RAM...turned it off without effect. I also added new (increased) change. I assume that the fact that a screen snapshot appears normal during an episode rules out the video card or mother board...? display, ? ribbon cable. I have attached images of the screen as well as screen snapshots (while it is occurring) for review. Thoughts would be appreciated. Thx

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    Sorry for the upside down images...

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