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    MacBook Pro Won't Shut Off
    I am having issues with this. Every time I try to shut off my MacBook Pro by using the shut down option, I sit and wait for it to shut down, and it never does. The only way I can get it to shut down is to press down the power button and hold it, for a hard shut down. This isn't hard, obviously, just kind of annoying. The last posts I saw related to this were dated in 2009, and talked about having to completely wipe off my computer and start fresh. Not only do I not know how to do this, but it doesn't sound pleasant.

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    If you haven't yet, I 'd try Onyx. What version of OS X are you running? I'll find a link for you if I know your version. Onyx cleans out various parts of your computer and can rebuild launch services and other useful maintenance processes. Could just need a cleaning to freshen it up a little. Hopefully this will help.

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    I'm running on Lion.

    Another problem I'm having, is that yesterday and the day before my laptop randomly shut down on me. The first time, it felt really hot so I just let it sit for a while before I tried to turn it back on. Yesterday, I had to try multiple times before it would turn right back on right away, and it didn't even feel slightly warm. I asked my dad about it (he's a systems engineer) and he said apparently that's normal for macs? And that a way I could fix it was to take out the battery and put it back in, or do something with the RAM?

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