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    MBP 13" 2011 vs MBA 13" 2011
    Hi, new to the forum but been using macs for a good few years now in different jobs, and tbh wanted one since the first time I used a Mac.

    I'm stuck between the MBP 13" 2011 and the MBA 13" 2011, just after some advice about performance tbh!

    I will be mainly using the computer for browsing, a bit of office work, and watching videos via TV. Once every couple of months I use photoshop / corel draw for a bit of design work, nothing major the same with video editing but this is nothing more than a few home cycling videos so i won't be using anything other than imovie.

    I like both systems and can get them for a relativley similar price within 200 of each other, is the MBA worth the extra 100? (i'd say the extra protability of the system is worth at least 50 haha)

    Any help greatly received, thanks


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    I have been going back and forth with this and I'm going to be running OSX/WIN7 and some turbo cad programming and I'm going with with the 13" air with 4 gig ram and 256 gb memory. I can't get past the air design...

    I love the design and style. lightweight, elegant, and fast.

    the pro is a kick *** rig but the looks and feel of the air wins out.

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    If you care about utilities and hardware I would go with the MBP, If you want speed and portability and don't mind not having some utilities (such as the optical bay) then get the MBA.

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