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    Oct 08, 2011
    New 17" MacBook Pro will not turn on.
    New MacBook Pro will not turn on. O/S - Lion.

    It was being used without the power adapter plugged in. She stepped away from the laptop for a few minutes...probably right before the low battery warning, and when she got back to the laptop it was shut off.

    She plugged the laptop back in and let it charge for two hours so far, but it still will not start up.

    The blue LED on the magnetic charging cord is illuminated.

    The battery indicator on the left edge only has one (1) blinking green LED when the tiny button is pressed.

    It has been charging since the laptop turned off and it still will not turn on.

    What can I try next?


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    Oct 08, 2011
    Nevermind. All it took was 4 hours on the charger and it came back to life.

    Thanks to all those who followed along.

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