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    Unhappy Internal speaker
    Hey folks, first time posting on Mac Forums!

    So then, my problem. I have MacBook Pro unibody with Mac OS X Lion (10.7.1) and my brother snapped the speaker cable in my speaker port, my friend had a go at fixing it and ... lo and behold he broke my speaker bit, as in, that bit of the motherboard no longer exists.

    The computer works fine, I just basically have no were to insert a speaker. My Mac keeps it self set to 'digital out' and I heard that the Mac uses a hardware switch in order to decide this, but it got me thinking. When I use Windows (via Bootcamp) and start the Mac, they both use the internal speaker ... so surely if both a 3rd party OS and startup can use my internal speaker, I can get OS X to?

    Any help will be much appreciated!!

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    Go to:

    System Preferences > Sound > Output > Internal Speakers

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacDude121 View Post
    Go to:

    System Preferences > Sound > Output > Internal Speakers
    Sorry, I should have made it more clear, I only have the choice of Optical Digital-out port.

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