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    Question Missing Hard Drive Space
    Hey guys!!! I have just transfered most of the music and other such files off my macbook to a hard drive. The problem i encounter is, that when i run a disk usage check it says i am using around 50 gigs, but when i check my remaining disk space it is somewhere around 160. My macbook has a diskspace of 250. The question then is, where has my forty gigs gone??? Any help with this would be much appreciated!!!


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    assuming that you have lion. thats probably the awnser lion safes a bunch of stuff over and over and slowly takes over your hard drive space i dont remember what the fix is for it but i know i read it on hear before check the OSX side of the forums. ( if you have lion) if not! there is the mac disk clean up app that shows you were all your space is going and what not! awesome tool!
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