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    Hard Drive Space
    hello all,

    I have a 12 inch powerbook and have recently reached the end of its hard drive space. I have a 60 GB hard drive and I am using 55 GB of it. I looked at the three directories that I figured would have the most Hard Drive space occupied and this is what I came up with.

    Music: 24.58 GB
    Applications: 5.02 GB
    Documents : 1.1 GB

    I also recently deleted a previous system in the previous systems folder to clear up space. I have cleared my trash as well. Basically, I can only see where I am using 30 GB's. I have Tiger and I know that spotlight uses quite a bit of space for indexing. Lets say 1GB unless I am completely off. So that is 31 GB. I am supposedly currently using 55. So does anyone know any secrets, or programs to clear out some of the space that I am using that is just random stuff, or what/where I can delete stuff.

    Cheers all,


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    Disk Inventory X will show you graphically what is taking up space on your HD. It might be easier for you to locate what is using the HD space.

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