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Thread: Does removing base on macbook void warranty?

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    Does removing base on macbook void warranty?

    I know there are other topics regarding this but I wanted to make confirm whether removing the base on macbook purchased in 2010 will void warranty?

    I will not be touching or removing any compartment, simply removing the screws and back and having a peek inside.

    If there is any doubt I wont touch the screws.


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    No you won't void the warranty. People remove the back plate all the time to upgrade there RAM, check there battery and to give it a clean.
    You will be fine.
    If you are not sure still and you want to see inside the back have a look at iFixIt's Macbook teardown with picture

    MacBook Unibody Model A1278 Teardown - iFixit

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    Since both the HDD and RAM are considered user-replaceable parts, removing the bottom cover in order to swap those components will not affect your warranty.
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