These are the facts:

1. Last Saturday I took my laptop to a repair shop (with really good reputation in NYC) in order to install 512 MB of extra RAM in my PB G4 (it had 256 MB until then)
2. It worked perfectly until yesterday, when it just wouldn't wake up ...
3. Ten months ago I took it to the same shop because I spill a little bit of water over so it didn't work (they charged me about $250 for letting the pieces dry and told me that everything else was OK)

Now, this is what happened when I took it today to the same place:

1. After I give the laptop to the guy, he takes it somewhere else, takes out the RAM, comes back and say that now it's working. He says that the RAM was bad and with new RAM it will work fine.
2. After 5 minutes he comes back again and says that the laptop doesn't work (neither with extra RAM nor without extra RAM)
3. The guy says that the logic board is damaged and that I need to spend $395 in replacing it.
4. I tell him that this problem has clearly something to do with the fact that they put bad RAM in my PB
5. He says that the problem was caused when I spill water 10 months ago

Can I have some opinions about this?

Actually, if someone has a link to a report or web site where there is mention about the posible damage of the logical board after installing bad RAM that would be really useful. Please let me know your thoughts!

Thanks very much in advance!