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    Im buying a MB Air, deciding on processor. any thoughts?
    im getting ready to order a new macbook air for work/play. i am using osx and windows, so I will be getting the 256 gb version with 4 gb ram. im deciding on processor speed, and do I really need the extra speed from the i7. I will be using turbocad 16 on windows for some design work, as well as a propritory program for pricing steel buildings. I will also be using apature 3 and whatnot for my personal use.

    right now im running an acer timeline 4810T with the dual core 1.3 processor. and the turbo cad runs fine on it.

    any thoughts?

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    $100 for i7 vs i5 on a $1600 machine. I would go i7 all the way, though honestly I ended up getting the i5 because I ordered from Amazon instead of from Apple and the total difference to me ended up being $285 (no tax on Amazon purchase).

    Be aware, if you do decide to purchase from Amazon, unless it specifically says sold and fulfilled by Amazon, you are not actually purchasing from Amazon and the seller may not be an authorized reseller (this can be important in safeguarding your rights).
    Also, supplies of 13in MBA are limited to resellers right now, so looking at probably a couple of weeks (or more) for delivery. And, I haven't seen the i7 available at anything like a reasonable price from resellers.

    My thoughts.
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    true. im ordering direct from apple canada. getting a 16gb ipad 2 to go along with it. gotta have the toys, the family loves them too..

    probably get the i7 then.

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    I went with the i7
    and never looked back. 256 gig SSD, 4 gig memory. Fine machine. Unbelievably light weight tool for travel. I use a 15" MB Pro daily at work. Do most of my surfing and all my reading on an iPad 2. The MB Air doesn't work so well to read in bed.

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    Yeah, im sure it will run what I need to do fine. and look sexy doing it ha ha!

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