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    Should I replace my Macbook hard drive?
    Ive had a Macbook pro 13'' for about 2 and a half years now, and on day the hard drive started sounding much more noise when working but, they where somehow "quiet" noises... they just seemed unusual.... one day it started clicking really hard and fast, so I thought it was dying entirely.

    I opend my macbook to check it, when I thought I was unscrewing the plastic plates that hold the HDD in to its place I unscrewed the Hard Drive case. but didn't opened it at the time because I didn't wanted to damage anything more than it was. so then I put the screws again and unscrewed the plastic holding the HDD (I just moved it around a little without disconnecting in from the computer, and read the disk specifications) It has a Fujitsu 160GB Hard Drive Disk.
    Well, when I put it back in and started my computer, the really hard and fast clicking noise was gone, but I still can hear a soft clicking (not every few seconds but repeatedly and fast) its annoying when working in silent places. The noise is harder the more activity it has. and when I move my macbook it varies. The computer stills works perfectly despite the sound

    Im thinking its overral better to get a new hard drive, cause they are not so expensive. And if that Im thinking if it would be better a 5400 or a 7200 rpm HDD in a 13'' inch macbook (there are a lot of rummors of 7200 rpm hard drive being loud and consuming battery life)


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    Your machine is screaming at you
    to replace the HDD ASAP. Hope you have kept Time Machine running.

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