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Thread: Fitting Memory

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    Fitting Memory
    I got my memory today 512 of sodimm just need the iBook now.

    Anyway my point is that I have seen how you fit the memory, however it says you have to pull out the keyboard ribbon cable.

    Do you realy need to as to prior experience with ribbon cables on HDD drives etc. they never go back on right, or is the Ibook cable got an actual plug on the end of the system

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    You can leave the cable in. You will just have to take the keyboard off and set the keyboard in the trackpad area upside down. To even take the cable out you have to take off the cover for the ram, so there isn't a whole lot of reason to take it out.

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    its easy,
    open the screw on the keyboard
    pull up the keyboard
    take air port socket out
    pop in the new ram
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    if it is a new system, you wont even have to worry about the airport, its right there on top- just take off the cover under the keyboard.

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    Dont be worried - I have had bad experiences with ribbon cable but you are not detaching the cable from the clamp - it is removing the plug that binds the cable.

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