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    Hey All,

    I was generally happy with this MBP for several years. It suddenly began running hot & the fans were loud. It began driving me nuts. I've cleaned the inside/fans several times. Performed (I believe) two (2) separate resets to firmware, I forget the names for the resets.

    I recently upgraded the laptop to Loin. Still ran hot. Installed smcfancontrol, and for approximately a week IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!
    Temp went from a consistent 207-210F @ idle w/no programs running, to 98-120F and quiet. Then it was like to program quit working, and temps went back up to 208-210F.

    I just replaced the crappy Apple Thermal Paste on heat sync with Artic Silver. After first boot, it was quiet and running at 111F for a couple minutes.

    Shut down, and restarted later, and right back to 208-210F with fan noise, while smcfancontrol is running w/fan speed set to 5500-6000.


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    Quote Originally Posted by beardump View Post

    Your temps are pretty high...but yes...lots of us with MacBooks & MacBook Pro's have dealt with high temps. We get posts here all the time about folks with what they think are high temps or think they have some sort of special situation...and in many cases they don't...just normal.

    Sounds like you tried a lot of things (many of which we would have suggested).

    If you're dong gaming or watching internet videos...this will really increase temps. One other thing to "Activity Monitor"...and see if there are any unusual apps running in the background. These "helper" apps./programs may have gotten installed when other apps. were installed...and maybe you don't use these apps anymore (but they're still there)...and these apps may auto-loading when the computer is started up.


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