I posted here yesterday about my Macbook Pro, not turning on after I replaced the display. Someone on another website suggested "jumping" the Mac by shorting something on the logic board. Well it worked. The computer turns on and works fine by doing that. Im guessing that the top case with the keyboard/power button is not working.

I tried using a different top case with it and the power button/keyboard are still unresponsive. The only way for me to turn it on it by jumping it.

I am unsure if the second top case if working or not because I took it from a non-working Macbook.

I don't think the chances of both the computers having a bad top case is very high, so i'm guessing it has to be an issue with the keyboard/top case connecters on the logic board. What do you guys think I could try to do?

I don't really want to order a new top-case without knowing for sure if I just got unlucky with 2 non-working top cases or if it is an issue with the logic board.