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    Sleep issue and aborted DVD burning complications
    Hey all.

    I have a latest-revision 15" Powerbook, with all the fixings. Recently (as in, it started yesterday), a sleep issue has begun to hit my Powerbook.

    Whenever it goes to sleep while on batteries (ie, unplugged from the wall), it will not wake up unless I re-attach the power cord. At this point, pressing the power button (if it fell asleep while open) or opening the case (it having been put to sleep by me) will return me to my normal Mac OS X serenity. Anyone know what gives here?

    Additionally, some time ago I was forced to abort a DVD write about halfway through (I had to pick up my laptop and run away). The DVD write cancelled and the disc popped out, but ever since then I have a folder called "Untitled DVD" at the bottom of the left-hand pane when I click on the "Macintosh HD" icon on my desktop. There is no "eject" icon by it, and when I insert another blank DVD, it just makes a *new* "Untitled DVD" folder, which I can manipulate as per usual. When I click on this rogue "Untitled DVD" folder, I get an error saying "The volume for "Untitled DVD" cannot be found." It's starting to irk me some, so I thought I'd see if the nice folks at Mac-Forums would have any suggestions.

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    for the sleep issue. What is the battery life at when you awake it? If it is a low number it could mean that the laptop went into emergency sleep mode (battery is too low to operate so it uses all the reserves it can to stay in sleep mode)

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    i'd assume that burning a dvd would use a lot of battery and most likely drain it.
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    You have to go into the console to the delete the folder. I had a rogue shortcut on my desktop that I couldn't put in the trash, but was able to delete it from the console.


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    The battery is at 70% or higher when the sleep issue takes place.

    Dragging the folder to the trash fixed the problem. My deepest thanks!

    - Darth Sandwich

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