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    Help: Sudden (unexpected) change of language
    Ok, i have a 12" 1.5ghz powerbook w/ 512mb of ram and i'm having a problem with a sudden language change to 2 of my favorite (and most used) apps, Firefox and iTunes.

    The only thing out of the ordinary i did the day it happened was that i changed the skin (whatever the most popular one is) of my firefox app, didn't like it and changed it back to the ordinary firefox skin. The change of language didn't happen at that time, it was some 5-6 hrs later. Next thing i know my iTunes playlists, and titles are in, what looks like, Arabic. In Firefox the addy bar, google bar, and any buttons (submit, close, etc.) on websites are in the same language. And, as far as i've seen, these are the only apps that do this.

    So i checked system prefs and made sure everything was set to english and that was correct. I then deleted both apps and reinstalled them--same problem. I figured that maybe it's quicksilver (i'm reaching by this point) because these are the only apps that i've made shorcuts for. So i uninstalled all three again and reinstalled all but quicksilver--no go.

    Is there, maybe some files or prefs of the programs that i'm not deleting when i delete the apps. I do a search for all files and folders in spotlight for those apps and i'm not seeing anything left over after i've deleted the packages.

    If not that, then is there a hack or way to change the languages in both apps?

    Sorry for the long post, but this is quite frustrating that i can't use my fave apps. Thanks in advanced.

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    Did you check the language options in Firefox? Or possibly your keyboard mapping the "international" control panel.


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    yes, i checked my international settings and they're in order. I don't know how to check for languages in firefox.

    btw, is there a way to revert all settings back to default... that's something i want to try as well.

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    In firefox, its "Tools, Options, General, Language" at least the windows version is in that hierarchy. Hopefully the Mac version is similar.


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    well, still no luck and i noticed that IE's doing the same thing...

    There's got to be some sort of problem if it's only select programs. Does anyone have ANY idea of what it might be? This is getting pretty frustrating.

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