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Thread: MBP 15" Unibody reed switch/magnet issue after screen replaced...

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    MBP 15" Unibody reed switch/magnet issue after screen replaced...
    Hey, first time poster here! Glad I found the forum.
    Sorry in advance for a possible double/triple/quadruple thread, but I think this might be a unique case here.

    So I brought in my early '09 MBP 15" to my local Apple store for repair of the infamous "bad hinge." It was totally wrecked, and I was really surprised that they took it in no questions asked (of course I had my Apple care which covered it) and got it back to me with a totally new screen... No charge and they took only a few hours to fix it! They originally said a few days. Surprise, surprise!

    The screen works well and is perfect and new. But here's my issue: I can't get it to enter sleep mode because for some reason, the magnet/reed switch are in two totally different positions. The magnet in the screen is on the top of the screen, about 3 or 4 inches to the right of the camera. ***EDIT, there are TWO magnet locations, along the top of the screen to the left and right of the camera, as if to act as hinge closing magnets...*** The reed switch is on the left side, about even with the fn button. Odd, huh?

    Is this an error by the person who installed the screen or a faulty replacement screen that they got? They happened to have the screen in the store for repair.

    Any ideas? I'm definitely calling the store and bringing it back to have them fix it because it doesn't function as it should.

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    It would appear that something was installed wrong. If the magnets do not line up correctly the machine will never know the lid is closed. Take it on back and let them correct it.

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    Yeah, that's what I figured I'd do. I'm gonna call them first and see if they even have the right screen in, and if not, I'll see if they want to send it out or wait until they get the part in or whatever.

    How annoying!

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