If Wikipedia does not lie to us:

Since February 2011 MacBook Pro models that ship with Intel SSDs are supported by Apple and feature TRIM support. Reinstalling the OS disables TRIM by default.
( TRIM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )

If it's true then all mac notebooks with stock SSDs have enabled TRIM not because of special hardware but because of patched Mac OS. If you wipe out stock installation and recover your Mac OS installation - your TRIM most likely will be gone.

Sadly, TrimEnabler does not work (officially) with Mac OS Lion 10.7 thus I'm looking for any member of this forum who has recently received brand new Mac notebook with stock SSD and Mac OS Lion installed while purchasing.

If yes - could you please share content of /System/Library/Extensions/IOAHCIFamily.kext. I'll appreaciate if you could send to me on priv mail or upload to any fileshare servers.

If whole this theory is true this kext shall be slightly modified ;-)

Many thanks in advance,