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Thread: New MacBook Problem

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    New MacBook Problem
    Well, I was on vacation one week after I bought my Macbook. The kind that's pretty much indestructable (my sister dropped her's down the stairs, spilled paint on it, dropped in off a bunk bed onto an open, empty suitcase, and threw it across the room). Well, I found her hitting it, and that was the end of her using my laptop. But now, it acts up whenever I am typing quickly or on the internet for more than two hours.

    When I mean acting up, the screen freezes and brightens up. However, the computed is still usable and I can listen to music, skip songs on itunes, ect. The screen also gets a pattern on it like a bunch of black lines. It brightens up by a lot until you cannot see anything. Its the opposite of the black screen with no brightness.

    I turn it off, and when I turn it back on, the screen is just like that for about ten seconds, after that "aaahhh" sound, and goes regular to that log-in screen.

    Please help. Should I take it in, or just let it be?

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    Wow your sister was actually beating up you computer and this caused the problem? Man I would be hacked off and very angry. Sounds like you need to take it in to the Mac shop. Sounds as if you have a hardware problem and there is not much you can do without finding out what is broken and replacing it. Get your checkbook warmed up you may need it.

    Personally I could not use a computer that does not work as it's designed to work but that is me. As for you i guess it just depends on how much hassle you can stand.

    Good luck.
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