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    Jul 29, 2011
    gainsaver a good site?
    I am looking into buying a used macbook and was wondering if was a good, legit, reputable website than has good reviews or is it known for bad service or something?

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    The latter (bad service), most likely. If you google Gainsaver, you'll find it has a 7 or 8/10 review average on some sites, but most of the 5-star reviews made were on the same day and the same "writing style". Be cautious.

    BBB lists almost 300 customer complaints made in the past 3 years, which is not a good sign for a relatively small company. I also see a multipage thread on other forums dealing with complaints on Gainsaver. Many of the complaints are GS sending a different product than advertised. Then, when asked to exchange, GS either: 1) Takes back the product but doesn't send a new one; 2) Exchanges the item, but sends another irrelevant product; or 3) Doesn't respond when contacted

    Tread caution.

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    Jul 29, 2011
    ok thanks any other good websites for used macbooks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by supermac96 View Post
    ok thanks any other good websites for used macbooks?
    Craig's List...period. Almost all other websites you will pay too much.

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    Gainsaver - avoid like the plague
    I had the same bad experience with them.
    They contacted me four days after they had told me my order would "ship today"
    to tell me the computer had 'failed testing' and they would cancel the order.
    I pointed out that they were advertising several other computers that would work for me and they told me they had none of them.
    I called my credit card company and was told they had not cancelled the charges. I called Gainsaver back to ask them to cancel the transaction like they said they would, they were very evasive and shady about it. Everyone I spoke to told me they were the wrong person to talk to and one of them, 'Steve Harper' I believe was extremely rude, hung up on me several times.
    After my experience with them I googled them and found a torrent of complaints, most of them complaining about non existent computers or having a terrible time getting their money back. From my experience and from what I have read I suspect they are running some sort of scam. Sadly, they requested a photo of my credit card and my driving license 'because my shipping an billing address are different' and I gave it to them. I called my bank back and they recommended cancelling my credit card, they felt there were too many fraud red flags with this company. I hope I get my $2000 back from them.

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    Might give these people a try, I've bought from them before. Used Macs : Wegener Media - Mac Sales and Service
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    I have purchased from Wegener Media before and had a great experience.
    They do not always have the absolute latest Macs but they seem to be honest about what they sell.
    I bought a used 2006 MacBook Pro from Wegener and I got 5 years out of it. Not bad.

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