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    Battery Bloating Issues
    I am having an issue with my battery bloating. It has swelled up and has been making my trackpad malfunction and drag things everywhere. i called apple and they suggested I take out the battery until i purchase a new one. i did more research across the internet and found people who have had their mac books for a while and run many cycles on their batteries, and then experienced this same issue. they would bring their mac books into retail stores and the people there would give them brand new batteries because of a hardware defect. Anyone have any information or suggestions for any of this?
    my laptop:
    mac book
    bought in 2007 - 4 years old
    battery info:
    252 cycles
    88% battery life left

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    Your battery should not be bloating up, you need to get it replaced. Take it to Apple.
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    I seriously doubt Apple will replace that battery for free, however, it certainly won't hurt to take it on in and ask. All they can do is say no. In the meantime do not leave the battery in your MacBook as it can damage the machine. If you do need to buy a new battery, get one that's a genuine replacement and not some cheap knock off.

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