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Thread: PLEASE HELP ME, never owned a mac before (2011 Macbook Air 11'')

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    Unhappy PLEASE HELP ME, never owned a mac before (2011 Macbook Air 11'')
    I never had a mac before, a little stupid on the computer side, I bought the new 2011 Macbook Air 11'' and I forgot to shutdown, the computer sleep insteads, and then I gave it to a friend to take overseas, in a plane trip/layover that lasted 5 days.

    The laptop was on sleep mode the entire time, not shutdown. What kind of damages can I expect? Did it overheat the entire time in a tight cloth bag? Please help me understand the damages I can expect. Thank you.

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    When the machine sleeps, it uses only a very small amount of current to keep the system clock and the boot rom alive. It would have shut itself down if it got too hot. You were a real good friend if you loaned out your brand new machine to a friend to take overseas. Anyway no damaged should have occurred.

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    No damages man…I haven't shut my macbook pro down for 3 weeks now. Relax.

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    I'd worry about it not coming home though!

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    The 2011 MacBook Air can last up to thirty days on standby. It enters standby mode after being in sleep mode for an hour. You should be fine

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